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Twelve Japanese Castles – second part

Second part of the article on the twelve Japanese castles whose main tower is built with the original materials. These are the four castles of Shikoku, from north to south. …

Japanese realities: gardens

5 great cherry trees of Japan

Japanese festivals: Hana Matsuri


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5 women in aviation history (Part 2)

“Don’t you think that it would be good psychology to have women up in the air? How is a man going to say he is afraid to fly when a …

5 Fun facts about Concorde

5 women in aviation history (Part 1)

Myth & Legend

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Ghost stories: Lafcadio Hearn & The cherry tree of the sixteenth day

Speaking of cherry blossoms and hanami, one can not fail to mention a few stories besides the various traditions. Even those who don’t like ghost stories will certainly appreciate what …

5 flowers of Japan (part 2)