Hi and welcome! I’m Hime.

There are a lot of things I like in the world. And usually, when you’re in this kind of situation, people tell you that you have to choose just one thing and live your life ‘properly’. Instead, I’ve always tried to find something that somehow could collect, or was made of, all of the things I like.

At some point I wanted to give up, but I soon decided that I can do all these things, quite simply: I can do  different things in different moments of my life, I can travel or live in different parts of the world, I can meet different people and hear their stories, and so on.

I’m lucky enough to be born and live in this period, which allows many more possibilities: I don’t want to waste this.

So, I’ve decided to open this blog and I thought for a while about what the main topic would be, but I couldn’t help but think that the very first topic is me: there’s my name on the blog, I’ve started to fill it with those same things I love, my experiences, my thoughts, my stories.

That’s when I discovered storytelling, and I remembered the stories, poetry and literally anything I wrote when I was younger; and obviously, my sketches, drawings, pictures and paintings.

Stories, experiences, travels, explanations, fun facts…. this blog is all about that. I’m still working on making it bilingual, you may find some articles are the same in English and Italian, but some articles are different, just click on the flag icons to change language.

I’m considering other options, like making videos; however I’ll still write.

 Thank you for taking some time to read!

Stay with me, cause I’ll never know when inspiration strikes!

If I seem to disappear for a while, I’m probably busy with some assignment and don’t want to make a mess doing too many things at once; just wait a little and follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

You’re more than welcome to leave comments, suggestions and to tell me if there are mistakes. Please be polite, otherwise your comment won’t be shown.