Hi and welcome!

I’m building this blog little by little each day. It may not seem much for now, but thank you for taking some time to read it!

I’m working on making this blog bilingual, you may find some articles are the same in English and Italian, but some articles are different.

Apart from articles on general topics, there will be two weekly posts, one called “5 things” and one about Japanese songs translation. You will be able to find them on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

You’re more than welcome to leave comments, suggestions and to tell me if there are mistakes. Please be polite towards me and others who may write.

About me
I like to read about and discover new things. I really like to tell stories, whichever they are, whatever topic they are about.
I’m a student, that’s why sometimes I seem to disappear… fortunately for the blog, I don’t have lessons each day… Anyway, I check the blog everyday, I write notes about topics I want to write about. I also check my Facebook page and Twitter accounts almost everyday.
For 2017 I’m in the UK, then who knows where the wind may blow?