Here’s 5 popular places for hanami in Tokyo.

Roppongi Sakurazaka

If you want to relax, Sakurazaka is just perfect. As the name suggests, this street is full of cherry trees running on both sides. The surroundings are quiet, since Sakurazaka lays in the middle of a residential area; however, you can find the more crowded spots of Roppongi close by. At sunset the trees are lit and the atmosphere is pretty romantic. If you have kids bring them to the nearby park, where they can enjoy a special playground.

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Kitanomaru Park

Perfect in each season for nature lovers, Kitanomaru Park is an unmissable hanami spot. You can buy a bento and sit under the flowers, or rent a boat and admire the trees from the moat. If you love bird watching, Kitanomaru Park is the right place for you: the different trees and bushes full of berries invite the birds to stop here.

Ueno Park

Ueno Park is one of the most popular places for hanami in Tokyo, for both the Japanese and tourists. If you intend to visit some museums while in Tokyo, on the grounds of the park you can find a lot, like the beautiful Tokyo National Museum (a must visit!). In addition, the park is home to the zoo and the Shinobazu Bentendou temple, that enshrines one of the seven gods of luck. For its popularity, the park is very crowded and you can have a hard time finding somewhere to sit.

Meguro River

Meguro River flows into Tokyo Bay after 8 kilometers. Every hanami lover knows Nakameguro: in fact cherry trees run for more than a kilometer on each side of the river, creating a scenographic effect. It may be hard to find somewhere to sit, but it’s worth just taking a stroll and enjoy the pink flowers. At sunset the trees are lit and it’s nice to buy something at a konbini or at the stalls and immerse yourself in a dreamy atmosphere.

Sumida Park

Not far from Asakusa station and on the Sumida banks, Sumida Park is extremely popular among the Japanese ad touists. You can enjoy hanami after buying a drink and something to eat at the nearby stalls; here too the cherry trees are lit at night. You can take a walk after exploring the streets around Sensoji or reach Azumabashi, or even sit and watch the flowers with Tokyo Skytree in the background. For a change, try a cruise to enjoy the view from the river.


photo credit: inefekt69 Midtown Sakura Lightup – Tokyo, Japan via photopin (license)

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