Favorites: Odaiba, the place where the sun always shines!

When I’m at the mall, wherever I may be, I’m often reminded of Odaiba (お台場). Yes, because Odaiba has at least four shopping centers within a few hundred meters. However this is not the reason why I love Odaiba. If I should pick one reason I’d say this is it:

This photo was taken from the dome of Fuji TV. From Odaiba, you have the full view of Tōkyō. From this viewpoint (500 円 – closed on Mondays: don’t forget!!), on a clear day you can see Mount Fuji (富士山), the Tokyo Tower (in the picture, on the right) and Tokyo Skytree. You really feel you have the city at your feet: it’s there, just a few minutes by train or boat.

The second reason why Daiba is home is this: ta-daaaaaan!

The beach and kaihinkōen (お台場海浜公園), literally Odaiba Seaside Park. It ‘s so relaxing to sit on a park bench listening to the birds, the waves, the traffic, the wind, the music from various stores, the voices of passers-by.

To sit in the hot sun, close to the yuccas, and watch the bridge. I’ve often thought that I wanted to turn into a ray of sunshine or in a grain of sand and stay there forever. It ‘a very peaceful place, at least for me. There are many people who read a book or work on their laptops on the benches around here.

There aren’t many tourists, apart from someone who takes off their shoes to their feet, as the majority prefers to stop a little behind the park, near the malls, or in the Southern part of the island. You may also collect shells on the seashore or fish in designated areas.

Tourists usually go to see Gundam. I won’t show it*, because – though I have absolutely nothing against Gundam –  I found this kind of race that many tourists do just to see it a bit excessive, especially because many say: “I made a photo with Gundam, now let’s go to another district”. Wrong, there are many more things in Odaiba to see and do! Take it easy, especially if you have children: Odaiba was built for families, it’s almost a city within a city, there are many comforts. There are also plenty restaurants and cafes, including my beloved Takoyaki Museum at the Decks shopping mall.

Odaiba is accessible with Yurikamome from Shimbashi or Toyosu stations. Warning: Yurikamome stations do not correspond to subway stations, so pay attention to the signs and don’t get lost! The first useful stop from Shimbashi is Odaiba-kaihinkōen (お台場海浜公園駅), number U-06. You can also arrive by boat from Asakusa or other areas.

*Note: *Memo: the new Unicorn Gundam, with its almost 20 m, was recently unveiled and replaces the previous model, which was dismantle as of March 2017.

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